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PlugShare: Shows Where To Charge Electric Car

If you have an electric car one thing which can cause concern is running out of juice, and not being able to find somewhere to recharge. But a really clever free application was recently released that can help users find their nearest charging station.

PlugShare 1.0 is available for owners of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The application shows users all the public charging stations on a map, and can use the devices GPS to find the nearest charging station and even provide directions to it. Users can also share their personal charging stations with fellow electric vehicle owners by adding their address.

PlugShare provides users with a backup plan if they unexpectedly find themselves running out of power for their vehicle. You don’t have to own an electric car to share your plug either, anyone who is willing to provide somewhere for people to charge their cars is welcome.

The developer is currently working on a version for the Android Market. More information can be found on the PlugShare website. PlugShare 1.0 is available free of charge on the App Store. iOS 3.0 or later required.



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