Mortal Kombat 2011: Sub Zero Vs Scorpion – Who is Better?

By Alan Ng - Mar 10, 2011

Considering that the remake to arguably the best fighting game on the planet is about to release on the Xbox 360 and PS3, we thought we would gather your opinions on which fighter is better between Mortal Kombat brawlers Sub Zero and Scorpion – likely to be the two most used characters in the game.

Of course it’s a difficult decision for fans of both fighters, but considering they absolutely loathe each other in the world of Mortal Kombat, it’s only right for us to fight amongst ourselves as to who is the better character out of the two.

To help you decide with this, you should first watch the excellent gameplay video below between the two fighters courtesy of Eurogamer, which we’re guessing was taken from the upcoming demo of the game, due out March 15th or now if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Which character has the better moves, and which are you planning to use more when the game releases? We have a funny feeling that most of you are going to pick Scorpion on this one, since perhaps he is seen as the more ‘badass’ character. Then again, we may be completely wrong and it is Sub Zero that gets your vote.

Prove us wrong on this one – Scorpion or Sub Zero guys? Don’t forget to tell us why too!

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  • dub-Zero

    Sub zero will always win I hate how he is always portrayed ad the weaker when he is always the stronger in skill and element

  • thepig130

    sub zero FTW i think sub zero has a more interesting story he is the best fight out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ice over fire 4 sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • And I think Scorpion is the "main'' character of this MK cuz, in the first trailer, he is the star.
    He beats all of the fighters.
    And at the ending, he apears like a DEMON on FIRE.
    You must love this character :).

  • I think Scorpion.
    He is the Kick A$$ in this game and he have the collest moves.
    And that spear…"GET OVER HERE!"
    I will pick up Scorpion 4 sure.

  • Rush

    This is to marhom. MK is a different type of fighting game. There are plenty of other games out there that are better when it comes to actual fighting mechanics, such as DOA and possibly Street Fighter. But you can't rip someones head off in those games. That's why MK brings to the table, and that's why it is successful. People love gore and blood and deaths in video games. So it's really just preference. For me, DOA is a great game, but MK has always been my favorite. It's got great characters, a great story, and for me it's just more fun.

  • nik

    yay mortal kombat finally gets best fighting game its about time

  • marhorn

    Street Fighter easily owns Mortal Kombat, and so does Tekken for that matter! and Dead or Alive!