Microsoft Surpass 10 Million Mark, with number of Kinect Games and Sensors Sold

By Chris Cook - Mar 10, 2011

The surprising success of the Microsoft Kinect continues to shush the critics with its popularity speaking for itself. The device’s sales are also shocking analysts as their latest figures have landed them into the Guinness World Records.

Microsoft have now surpassed the 10 million mark with number of Kinect games and sensors sold, and hold the world record for ‘fastest selling consumer electronics device’ and has surprised everyone.

As the report by Rue Liu at Slashgear notes, the data collected for sales of the Kinect from the first 60 days from its launch date shows Microsoft sold 8 million, that’s an average of 133,333 Kinects a day sold.

Not only have they now exceeded 10 million sensors but over 10 million standalone Kinect games also. These games do not include the ones that you get with the device either. Microsoft have taken this moment of glory and are using it to announce that more features and games will be coming this spring.

For more information about the record and what Microsoft plans are, check out the link above. What do you think of this tremendous feat? Did you expect the Kinect to sell as well as it has been? Share your thoughts below.

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