iPad 2, Ease Price with Trade In – Best Options

By Tina Chubb - Mar 10, 2011

Although the new iPad 2 is a nice upgrade from Apple’s first tablet PC, it may not necessarily be innovative enough to convince previous iPad owners to fork out for a new one. However, there is a way to justify an early upgrade, and that is to sell or trade in your old iPad.

At least that way you will be covering some of the cost of the new iPad 2. As Dan Ackerman over on the reviews.cnet.com website recently reported, there are a number of offers available online, which he said ranged from under $200 to almost $400.

The first trade-in website that Dan checked out was Gazelle, who promise a no-hassle trade-in. The initial offer given for a 32GB Wi-Fi iPad in excellent condition was $340. Gazelle also features a spot for a bonus code on their checkout page, which adds extra value to your trade-in.

Nextworth on the other hand offered just $260 for the exact same model. Best Buy also offers a trade-in service. Dan found that his iPad was worth around $275, if he used a Best Buy gift card or $179 cash. However, the best on-paper deal was from a website called Cashforipads.com.

The Cashforipads.com website offered $375, which was obviously higher than any of the others. You do also have the option of selling your original iPad through eBay, Amazon.com or Craigslist. The current eBay prices are around $350 – $450 for a 32GB Wi-Fi iPad.

Are you considering trading in your old iPad in order to purchase the new iPad 2?

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  • Mbarth329

    I was quoted $350 for ipad 16gb wifi/3g
    When they received it i never got call from them telling me my money was being put in paypal account.
    I called them 3 days after they received it and was told my ipad was worth $225 due to scratches on frontb& back. Totally bullshit. I always kept in case and even sent it with the case. I told them to send it back to me right away. Response was why i wouldnt negotiate on price. I told them i have pictures of it before i sent and their claim of scratches was insane. Send it back right away. Then offered me $300 and said it would be in my paypal account next morning, which it was.
    I would never sell anything else to these scumbags. BEWARE!!!!!!!
    They received

  • Frank Z

    The great thing about Apple products is that there is a secondary market and you can generally do well by selling year-old Macs, iPhones and iPads.

    cashforipads.com is a scam. They quoted me $540 for my 64GB 3G iPad. I figured great, let's do it. So they send me a box and UPS label. Two weeks later, I get a revised quote of $170, despite the fact the iPad is almost brand new, with no scratches or anything wrong with it.