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Dell aims for MacBook Air with Intel Sandy Bridge

We have reported before that Apple may be installing Intel’s Sandy Bridge chip inside its MacBook Air’s sometime this year. Not to be out done Dell could be announcing the same technology in its laptops and desktops some time soon.

According to an article on The Inquirer by Asavin Wattanajantra, Lionel Menchaca Dells chief blogger has said the company plans to bring a range of new systems to the market in the next six weeks.

One which catches the eye is a really thin Inspiron laptop which will be available in April. There has been talk that this will be part of the XPS range, which could go up against the MacBook Air.

There will be other laptops in the Inspiron range which will be available from next week; these are amongst Dell’s most popular products ranging from netbooks to desktop replacements. The Inspiron Duo was the last big Inspiron release we saw, which was the company’s netbook and tablet hybrid.

The Sandy Bridge chip technology will find its way into a range of business systems, which include Optiplex desktops and Latitude laptops. Also getting the processors will be Precision workstation laptops and desktops. This shows that Dell still sees the PC market as its bread and butter, despite moving into smartphone and tablet markets.

Will you consider any of Dell’s new laptops?


  • Mike Brown

    We have benchmarked these new Sandy Bridge systems as we planned for our 2011 corporate refresh and are happy with the results. Dell has always been a good business partner and this year we will replace approx. 1500 notebook computers that are between 3-4 years old. What we liked abouot the new systems is the boost in performance over last year systems. We evaluated a refresh last year and deided against it based on ROI. These systems made great leaps ahead in performance.

  • sigmund

    Me too, if there wasn't that bad customer service in India

  • Candy Fernandez

    I'm a Dell fan and always will be.

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