Chrome 10 Download: Review and Problems

By Alan Ng - Mar 10, 2011

Some of you may not be aware of this, but Google has just gone live with the full version of Chrome 10 – the latest version of their popular web browser. We have some opinions on the new software to share with you, and also some problems that have been reported already too.

First of all, if you’re yet to download Chrome 10, you can download it from Google’s website here for either PC, Mac or Linux. If you’re looking for an early review before bothering with the download, you’ll find a useful article here from ComputerWorld.

New features of Chrome 10 include a new javascript engine, Flash sandboxing and overall speed and security improvements. You’ll also get better syncing and a new options interface to play around with.

If you’ve already tried the beta version of Chrome 10, downloading the full stable version should be a no brainer for you. However, there are a few problems which have been mentioned already on the official Google support forums. One of these problems is the lack of WebGL support which one user in particular has been complaining about since updating to Chrome 10.

Having read through the other user comments in this thread, it looks like the GPU problem is also affecting users on various Windows XP Service Packs and also users running Linux software such as Ubuntu 10.10. Can any of you confirm this problem as well?

Give us your feedback on Chrome 10, either about the review or if you’ve discovered any problems with it after updating. You may also find this review roundup from Richi Jennings over at Computer World useful.

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  • Stanislaus_d

    Yeah, for me, I had just updated to U 10.10 to get to 11.04 and I noticed that chrome’s UI was red and glitchy looking. 

  • Dave

    quite often a page wont open, which was a bit scary when it is a credit card verification page that tells you not to hot the back button or refresh. The latest release is the least stable release so far. I am sticking with it though as it is still the best browser.

  • Bill

    My Chrome install auto-updated to version 10.0.648.127 on my MacBook (2.4GHz, 4gig RAM, running 10.6.6) and now I am having flash player issues. All flash videos on youtube (or anywhere else) stutter and the browser becomes unresponsive for a bit. It wasn't this way before the update. I opened Safari and tried the same videos and they work fine, it appears to be my Chrome application.