Cars with Worst Gas Mileage: List of 2011 Models

We recently gave you a list of some of the cars with the best mileage and also told you about some iOS apps which will help you to extend your precious gas mileage, but now we have a list of some of the worst 2011 cars that don’t impress when it comes to gas mileage.

If you are currently searching for a new car, and you want a new 2011 model, you’ll definitely need to know which cars are the best for saving money on gas, and which cars are the worst, since car dealers are very unlikely to admit to such shortcomings when they are trying to sell you their motor.

Luckily for you, that’s where we can help, and we have a strong list of contenders with regards to the ‘worst gas mileage cars for 2011’ title. First up is the 2011 Nissan Titan and according to Autoropolis, the EPA has classified it as the least efficient truck of 2011 so far. It’s priced at around $28,820 and customers buying one should expect to make frequent trips to the gas station to fill up.

Another contender is the 2011 Audi R8 Spyder, aimed at the more luxurious consumer with a price tag of around $112,152. If you compare this model with other sports cars on the market at the moment, the Audi R8 is probably the least fuel efficient choice you can buy. However, if you’re paying over $100,000 for a car, fuel costs are unlikely to be a major problem for you.

If you want to read on and hear which other car models make it onto the worst car mileage list, head over to Autotropolis here. Alternatively, we’ve found another article over at DMV which lists several other motors that you should avoid.

If you are currently driving a car which you think should be criticized for it’s gas mileage performance, leave us a comment below.


  • Jerry

    Don't believe for a second the posted EPA MPG rating on the 2011 Cadillac SRX Crossover. How this vehicle was rated at 18 MPG City is beyond me. With a very light foot, no jack rabbit starts, and the A/C off, the best you can hope for is about 16.5 with a noisy under powered V6 engine!

  • MightyHud

    Well, I've two. One is a 67 Camaro RS/SS with a 350 and 4 bbl. On a good day it gets 17 on the highway. The other is an 80 Chevy K10 4wd, also with a 350 and 4bbl. On a really good day it gets 15 on the highway. In 4wd, low range, rough country, it gets closer to 8.

    On the other hand, they both always start, they've run really well for 30 and 43 years, they've always made it home under their own power, and most, if not all of them were made in America.

  • Cris

    My wife and i just traded the "bus" Chevrolet Traverse on a Subaru Legacy. The Traverse was lucky to get 16 mpg around town which is where most of our driving is done.

    • 4easter

      A little common sense needed here… of course the Traverse got less mileage. It also has seating for up to 7 people, cargo space larger than a Tahoe, and can be had with all wheel drive. The Legacy is a smaller 5 passenger station wagon. Not disputing your better mileage just look at logic and compare equal vehicles (your Subie is not as efficient as a Golf wagon, for example). If you didn't need the space, it was a poor buying decision on your part from the start – not Chevrolet's fault.

      • Nick Candee

        the legacy is a 4dr sedan !!


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