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Tesco Mobile see’s Android sales out strip those of the iPhone

The popularity of the Android platform continues to grow, and a leading UK mobile network is now reporting sales have now overtaken those of the iPhone.

Tesco Mobile has revealed that sales of Android smartphones have now passed sales of the iPhone for the first time. Before Christmas sales of the iPhone were beating those of Android handsets by two-to-one, but since January a rapid increase of Android sales began. In February Android finally overtook the iPhone regarding sales with the carrier.

The carrier puts this down to the increase in more affordable Android smartphones becoming available, and the range of Tesco Mobile’s competitive deals on the Android platform. Recent research has shown that sales of Android devices have grown by almost 900 percent since 2009, and an estimated 67.2 million Android devices were sold in 2010.

Tesco Mobile who offers the iPhone with 12 month contracts, likes the healthy competition between different operating systems. These figures may also reflect consumers waiting until Apple release the next version of the iPhone around June, and then purchase their next smartphone.


  • orangesWapples

    And the 1850% to 2000% growth in Android sales over the last year reported by others, adding about 40% to the smartphone market? Apple is getting almost zero of that and Android OS phone makers well over 95% of the market increase. As was said, a bit of analysis …

  • Flytrap

    This is too stupid to even contemplate… this happens every single year a few months before the next iPhone comes out. A little bit of analysis would have shown this dip every year since the 3G.


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