iPhone 5 could release on KDDI in Japan

By Gary Johnson - Mar 9, 2011

Japan’s second biggest mobile carrier KDDI could be next to get the iPhone, and not as thought by many DoCoMo. This could even coincide with the launch of the iPhone 5 in the summer.

Paul Papadimitriou from Mobile In Japan is reporting that this is down to the fact that the network has the same system as Verizon does in the US. Apple is no longer tied up with exclusive deals such as the one it had with SoftBank which finished in July of last year.

Apple’s Tim Cook has previously said they are looking at different ways to grow and expand market share, and having no exclusive deals will result in this. DoCoMo cannot be ruled out but it is thought KDDI are less demanding in negotiations.

Market research firm iSuppli thinks that KDDI will do a deal with Apple before the summer, and even estimates this in its worldwide shipments of W-CDMA iPhone’s. For now all KDDI have to say on the matter is no comment.

The iPhone could be what KDDI needs as has been struggling adding new subscribers, as it has not been able to offer a good smartphone strategy for a long time. The device has been the smartphone of choice in Japan for most of its life, accounting for 60% of smartphone sales.

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  • chad

    I'm disappointed in how Apple is selling the iPhone and iPad. They should of taken a different approach,that consumers should buy the iPhone or iPad and choose the carriers. Softbank is has a bad reputation and bad customer service. Even the Apple employees are waiting for the iPhone to sell by KDDI or NTT. Number one reason is they hate softbank. This is clear a monopoly. Android are slow non compatible with Macs and have weak batteries, not friendly user interface. None of other smartphone or phone companies is making a phone that is Apple compatible, everything is base on windows and that is clearly a monopoly.

  • tokyojoe

    No, not true, Son San already mentioned the iphone 5 as a future product along with Ipad2.
    Definately Softbank and iphone5