iPad 2: SoftBank release for Japan

By Gary Johnson - Mar 9, 2011

Apple announced last week when the iPad 2 will become available, with the US getting the device first on March 11. Then many other countries across the world including Japan can get their hands on it from the 25 of this month.

An article by Paul Papadimitriou over at Mobile In Japan is reporting that the iPad 3G will come in two versions. The first of which has the same technology as the original iPad and was used by SoftBank, but the second will use technology which will work on KKDI’s network.

With this in mind will we see an iPad 2 SoftBank exclusive agreement or will KDDI also have the new iPad available? When the original iPad launched last May many people were unaware that it was SIM-locked. Only Sim cards from SoftBank would work in the iPad 3G in Japan, this was the only market in the world to have this sort of set up.

At the moment it seems iPad customers will still be limited to using just SoftBank for a while longer, but there is a chance the iPad could become carrier independent eventually. For the time being Apple Japan only shows 3G models sold by SoftBank, and with the prices of the new version being the same as the original in the US, Japan will hopefully see the same.

Do you think that the iPad 2 will become available on KDDI?

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  • tokyojoe

    Softbank have the cheapest data rates and have improved their coverage over the years. non issue, who cares about KDDI.