Home Sharing iPad iOS 4.3: Review, First Impressions

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 9, 2011

The recent news that iOS 4.3 went live for download was a shock to some today, which quickly followed with iPad and iPhone owners downloading the new firmware. This update includes some pretty cool features, but we wanted to touch on a quick iOS 4.3 review of one particular feature, Home Sharing.

This is just our first impression of Home Sharing for the iPad in iOS 4.3, which connects to Apple iTunes 10.2.1. The process of setting up was pretty simple, first you will need to make sure you have the latest iTunes update.

The first minute was working out how to setup Home Sharing in iOS 4.3, after checking that this setting was turned on in iTunes, we then looked at the settings on the iPad.

You need to navigate to settings, then click the iPod tab on the left, which leads to a screen showing Home Sharing. If you have only just updated to iOS 4.3, then you will need to fill in the Apple ID and Password boxes for Home Sharing to work. After doing this you will be able to connect to your iTunes library via the iPod or Video icons.

In Video or iPod you will see a home icon at the top left with Library next to it, by clicking this you will have options to connect to different libraries in your home. As long as you’re connected to the correct Wi-Fi network, you’ll be able to view all your content stored on the main computer via the appropriate icon (Video or iPod for music).

This feature is a major upgrade to the iPad, the bigger screen makes it perfect for watching movies and now the need to put all the latest movies on the iPad is gone, for home use anyway. This is another step towards Apple helping users not need a lot of storage space, the Cloud improvements will be next. My son has his own iPad, and now he can stream TV Shows and Movies direct from our vast collection stored on a Mac Mini and 4TB external drive. Apple has done it again with a nice update.

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  • Barnmann

    I'm having major difficulties with this feature especially with buffering. I have a very robust network and I can stream audio and video with no problems. But when i attempt to use home share the buffering is so bad it makes the programming un- enjoyable. Apple needs to make a major update to this app very quickly!

    • Daniel Chubb

      Hi Barnmann, we have been using Home Sharing on the iPad 1, with 2 iPads streaming at the same time, no buffing problems. I would guess this is a problem with your router or something else, nothing wrong our end, very smooth.

  • Dave

    ^ You have to sign in with your itunes account, therefore only devices that have your itunes account on, share with library

  • iGuNKeN

    Thanks for that post, nice to read! …but… I think of my two daughters (4 and 8)… and if I share the content to other iOS devices. How can I manage that they don't see content like "chainsaw massacre" 😉 … What I mean, is it possible to got a "child control" and display only movies for there age? I don't want to build up two libraries… Greetings from germany, Gunnar

    • Mic

      Check out my comments on this article it teaches you just how to do that! The article is incorrect though, my comments are the true correct way to enable parental controls! Any further questions you can reach me t mic@oilkills.us

  • eideard

    Can't comment, yet. Heading back to the living room to turn on home sharing on the iPad.


    • eideard is an idiot

      Thanks for this completely useless comment!

    • Dave