Free Kindle For Books Market Share

By Gary Johnson - Mar 9, 2011

The Amazon Kindle has proved to be a huge success since it was released, more and more people are discovering how easy it is the read books in this way. Now we are hearing of rumors that Amazon could eventually start giving the e-book reader away free.

Matt Hickey over at is reporting in an article, that this could start during the holiday season of 2011 with its Prime members. Amazon doesn’t see much profit on the device, but then has customers tied to its e-books store. If Amazon was relying on the Kindle hardware, it wouldn’t provide apps for the iPhone and iPad amongst others.

A venture capitalist Scott Jacobson has mentioned some reasons Amazon may consider the idea. The actual devices don’t cost too much, and then you have more people locked in with them. This would also be a good way in developing the relatively young market.

Another major point is that owners of the Kindle buy many more books than people who don’t own one. Amazon will want to keep these customers happy, but also create and encourage new ones. To do this the company will have to tempt those who do not want to lay out $140 for a new piece of tech.

What do you think? Will Amazon ever give away free Kindle’s? And how will that make people who have already paid for one feel?

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  • Jack screeton

    Rather than give the kindle away, lower the cost of the books. I can buy the hard copy for approximatel the same price and after reading it, donate it to the local libary where I will get a deduction on my taxea

  • richard walters

    I think it would be more believable, enticing to the consumer, and beneficial to Amazon if they were to say:

    Give the kindle away for free if you bought $100.00 in digital book content … one per customer … per account. Now I can see this hooking the customer, and making profit toward future sales. Plus, you're targeting the right audience towards that profit (readers).

  • I find it hard to believe that they would give away the Kindle entirely for free. They can at least start by discounting the product to a very low rate and they probably would still achieve their goals of completely overtaking market share and solidifying their hold.