Apple TV Update 4.2: New Features include iOS 4.3 AirPlay Support

By Jamie Pert - Mar 9, 2011

Earlier today we revealed that Apple had started rolling out iOS 4.3 to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, we can also confirm that Apple has also rolled out a new update for Apple TV, this brings Apple TV to software version 4.2.

To update your Apple TV you need to one of the latest-generation Apple TVs, simply turn on Apple TV and then use your Apple Remote to navigate to “Settings” and then “General”, here you will see an option to “Update Software”, Apple TV will then download and install any new updates it finds.

Once installed you will have access to lots of new features, it will allow you to use Airplay to stream video from apps and Safari to your Apple devices which are running iOS 4.3 (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad). Also you get new slideshow themes, an improved on-screen keyboard and Dolby Digital 5.1 sound when watching Netflix TV shows and movies.

There is also some great news for MLB.TV and NBA League Pass subscribers, MLB.TV users will be able to access stats, scores and standings along with being able to watch on-demand and live MLB games all from their Apple TVs, NBA League Pass Broadband subscribers will be able to see scores along with getting archived and live games.

Apart from the exciting new features there are also a lot of boring security fixes which have been applied, you can find out more about the Apple TV 4.2 update on AppleInsider.

Have you tried streaming video from your Apple TV running software version 4.2 to your Apple device running iOS 4.3? If so, does it stream smoothly?

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  • TimelordBob

    Its worse than that – after updating to the latest version (4.2.2 I believe) I lost about 90% of my movie library. Either there is no audio, corrupted audio, or no audio or video. To make matters worse, Apple does not provide a mechanism to go back to the previous version (4.2.1). This really need to be fixed.


  • Jack

    The new Apple TV 4.2 update still won't allow streaming video from my updated iPad.

    • andrew

      me too

  • jcsatv

    I have a giant library of movies 1000+ and it took my appletv 2 forever to load the menu's and movie cover art. It is much faster now and even faster if you sort your shared movies by name and not genre. Good update apple. Now just bring back the ability to sync my directories instead of sharing it and i would be supremely happy.