Windows Phone 7 or Android? Intel, Nokia, Microsoft and the Love Affair

By Alan Ng - Mar 8, 2011

Do we detect a hint of jealousy here we wonder? It has been reported that Intel’s CEO has spoken out on the recent partnership between Nokia and Microsoft, by saying that Nokia should have stuck with Android, rather than Windows Phone 7.

Intel of course are already partnering with Nokia over the elusive MeeGo platform, which by the way we’re yet to see conclusive evidence that a device is going to release any time soon.

However, the main point of interest here, is that Intel’s CEO has apparently gone on record to say that Nokia should have sided with Android OS, rather than with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform, according to an article in the Manila Bulletin. It seems that money was a huge factor in Nokia’s decision to partner with Microsoft, as we’re now hearing that a $1 billion deal was the figure which Microsoft are paying Nokia to build devices running Windows Phone 7 OS.

It’s understandable that Intel are a little mad with Nokia over this, especially since they are trying to get MeeGo out on the market, but who can blame Nokia for making a decision which could put them back into the limelight after seemingly falling behind the likes of Apple, Samsung and HTC in the pecking order of smartphone dominance.

What are your thoughts on the situation surrounding MeeGo and the future partnership between Nokia and Microsoft? Do you think it is the right move or not?

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  • lyal

    They definitely should of went with Android. Money or not.. Nokia should of seen by sales of Android and said, "ok let's get Androidrific and get out of this boat!"