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Windows Phone 7: Mango Release Date Update – 2011 or 2012?

Yesterday we informed you that Microsoft were still having problems rolling out their first Windows Phone 7 software update to select handsets, but now we have further worries for you to consider, as it has been reported that the expected ‘Mango’ update may not release until 2012.

Yes, you heard it correctly – 2012. It seems pretty crazy to think that this could happen, but according to Windows IT Pro’s sources, Microsoft won’t have the Mango update finalized until the end of the year, even stating that an update before the end of the year is ‘impossible’.

At MWC 2011, Microsoft only commited to a ‘later in 2011 release for the Mango update, and it’s a pretty big update too, adding support for multitasking, Internet Explorer 9 and Twitter Integration.

There is definitely going to be an uproar though if this doesn’t release in 2011, how do Windows Phone 7 owners feel about not getting these basic features until 2012 – its surely not good enough.

Hopefully Microsoft will step in this week and clear up the confusion surrounding their future software updates. It definitely isn’t a smooth time at the moment, we feel for you WP7 owners.



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