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Verizon iPhone gets Cricket Carrier courtesy of Jailbreak – Video

When a new product comes out, it seems the in thing to do is hack or jailbreak the thing so as to get round restrictions that have been put in place by the manufacturers. The latest hack saw Apple’s GM version of its iOS 4.3 cracked open. Now we bring you news that with the Verizon iPhone 4 hack users can unlock their device and switch carrier.

This comes from a YouTube video, which can be viewed below, that shows a hacker bust open their Verizon iPhone and switch over to the Cricket carrier. Why you ask? Just because they can I guess. The user then dials the CDMA programming number to prove that the cricket display isn’t just for show.

Now that the device has got this far in the process without being bricked then it is capable of being carried by whichever network the user chooses. Also if you’re wondering whether you’d be able to experience all the features such as MMS and 3G speeds then I wouldn’t worry too much as once jailbroken a number of apps become available to solve these kinds of problems.

What do you think of the ability to change carrier? Do you think jailbreaking is worth the risk? Let us know your thoughts below.



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