Sony PS3 Firmware 3.56: Hack Discovered, but Download Unavailable

By Alan Ng - Mar 8, 2011

This definitely isn’t going to be nice reading for Sony, but it looks like someone has managed to hack the latest PS3 firmware (3.56), despite Sony claiming that they had tightened up security in light of the recent ‘attacks’ by infamous hacker Geohot and Co.

That person is Mathieu Hervais, or Mathieulh as he is better known in the hacking community. However, there is some good news for Sony though, as it appears he has no intention of ever releasing his exploit to the public, which may be a disappointment depending on which boat you reside in.

Here is what he stated in a recent update on his Twitter page, as reported from RedmondPie:

”I hesitated a lot before tweeting about it, but a bug allows exploiting metldr, the bootloader and 3.56+. I don’t intent to ever unveil it.”

It seems that no matter how hard Sony try to fix up their PS3 console, someone will always find a way to exploit it, especially since the Metldr key is out in the open for everyone to see. It was rumored that Sony were planning to release an ‘unhackable’ PS3 console soon, but once this comes to their attention, they may have to speed things up before someone provides the download to this exploit on 3.56.

Let us know your thoughts on this, PS3 users.

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  • Klatu Berata Nicto

    He (Mathieulh) did not release the hack, but did reveal where to look for the exploit (via his twitter feed). I hope they start kicking in doors, and tearing people away from their modded decks and slap the sh*t out of them. Then waterboard them awhile until they wet themselves. I'd volunteer for that job. I have been cheated in many games by modders who suck soooo bad they have to cheat in order to win. Both on PC and consoles. This ruins the game for everybody, except of course for the hacker. That, plus the cheap a*s people who rip games, or play pirated games. If you cant afford the game, you shouldn't be playing it! That is theft, plain and simple. Time to go balls out, kick in doors and take names. The battle against cheaters and cheap as*es has begun….see ya in Guantanamo Georgie. The gaming community will be far better off without these imbeciles.

    • Christopher

      Another asshole.

  • e39r

    i think in light of whats has happened, geohot is and will take a huge hit from sony.. clearly backing up games you own has gotten into the courtrooms. those that have abused the hack or aka firmware reconfiguration which is also built into our "today culture" among the masses of video fanatics, either which side you're on. doesn't clarify the big brother effect Sony has imposed . that said, monitoring my console doesnt please me much, and purchasing online from the psn store doesnt entice me much , not that it did in the first place.

    "its all fun and games til somebody pays the fine"..

  • PClinuxOS

    AIMbots for all!

    • Skeletore

      Actually, I will be releasing a full hack for firmware 3.56 real soon. Just waiting for the right time. I have already figured out a way to get around 3.56 and allow you to run and program custom software on the PS3. I also re added the install other OS feature which now works on 3.56 and I am proud to say that windows seven running on one of my PS3's. Hombrew also works great and you can now insert a game into the ps3 drive and it will rip it straight to a external hard drive and will play fine. I am just waiting for the heat to die down on the overflow team, etc. If someone wanted to rip all their store bought games so they can have backups on say a 250gig hard drive it is possible. I don't condone software piracy (Want to make that clear),but I had a game I paid 60 dollars for that got scratched and no longer played so this inspired me to start working on my own 3.56 hack.

      keep checking the net because soon I will release a 3.56 hack that does everything and more that Homebrew does for the Wii.

      • Christopher

        Are you like full of shit?