New Xbox 720: Price Point For Dealbreaker

By Gary Johnson - Mar 8, 2011

My colleague Alan Ng told you this morning that the current range of gaming consoles may be seeing some price cuts later this year. We also had the news that Microsoft was now hiring staff to work on the next generation of console.

With this news that Microsoft are already building the next Xbox, many Xbox fans will be excited to see what Microsoft have to offer this time round. But are many current Xbox 360 owners even ready to upgrade just yet? Pricing could also be a major factor for people deciding to get the next version; the original price of the PS3 put a lot of people off.

Many gamers are either in the Xbox 360 camp or the PS3 side of the fence, with a few lucky people having both. But what would Microsoft have to do to entice gamers away from their PS3s?

Simon Miller from Now Gamer thinks Microsoft could actually announce the next Xbox at the E3 event in June. He feels an unveiling would make sense as Sony and Nintendo would be stealing all the limelight with their new handheld consoles, but doesn’t think any new Xbox would be available before the end of 2012.

This will mean the current Xbox having a shelve life of seven years, compared to the four years the original lasted. Microsoft has previously said that the Xbox 360 would continue until 2015, but they can still announce the next version.

What Price would the next Xbox have to be for you to part with your cash?

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  • tristan

    it's obviously not going to be called 720 because the a 360 is a revolution, the xbox 360 was a revolution of gaming. and besides 720 sounds gay

  • The Kinected Gamer

    First off, dont call the next Xbox "Xbox 720", Microsoft is not some lame skater group (no offense to actual skaters) so they won't possibly name it that, I feel like every time I read an article about the next xbox ya'll use that term. Second, most likely the console will not be announced being they are just now hiring people to start working on it, which will most likely take a year or two at least so don't expect an announcement till 2013 or 2014, that will give Microsoft a year or so to hype it up and what do you know by then it will be 2015 or close to it according to their statement. And also I love all the Xbox haters on this article, obviously you don't actually know the prices of the console and what actually comes bundled all in one console, yeah I'm talking to you "SLAMMR" so take your Microsoft hate elsewhere until you get rid of your stupidity.

  • caffman

    Hey Slammr,

    you do realise that you are talking cow poo dont you? Wifi is now included, Batteries can be bought 3rd party easily, headsets can be 3rd party but are included free with every xbox, and the power cord and HDMI ones just make me giggle.

  • jc213

    personally i feel like xbox is rushing their next console just to compete.

  • stuarty

    lol xbox iste king of consoles

  • gamer

    Wow, I must have stumbled upon a Sony fanboy site. Hey SLAMMR, your stupidity was absolutely free, and you were born with it, right??


    Hmmm… $400 for the next xbox360 system, which is a great deal, but then add $200 for MicroSoft only harddrive, $100 for MS HDMI cables, $100 for MS power cord, $75 for one MS controller, $25 for a battery for the controller, $100 for a MS wi-fi adaptor, $100/yr for new xbox live, $150 for Kinect which is required to operate new xbox720, $100 for required MS headset. Yeah, I think it will add up. Oh wait the 360 already gauges gamers…

    • ajthedude

      TRY: 250 for xbox with hard drive, $10 for an hdmi cord, the power cord comes with it, $55 for a controller, $15 for a battery, wifi is included, $45 a year for xbox live, and $10 for a new headset…. $100 for kinect. Ur a retarded typical ps3 fanboy.

      • Keyes55b

        well by tour math there after you tally everything up it is STILL more expensive than the PS3.FAIL

    • Jamal

      There wouldn't be a new xbox live. It would run off the same xbox live account just like the original xbox. btw I am a PS3 and Xbox 360 fan here. I think all the consoles are great.

  • Steve

    So all the dopes buy a Kinect and upgrade to xbox slims based on M$ statements they weren't working on a new console, then they release at E3? Fabulous. After the cheap piece of tat that the original 360 was I won't be rushing out to buy another of their consoles.