Modern Warfare 3: Hype vs. Expectations Before Release

By Chris Cook - Mar 8, 2011

With all the hype surrounding the best-selling FPS franchise ever, Call Of Duty it’s not hard to realize how successful it has been in the past and how its success seems to continue. However with the latest release, Call Of Duty: Black Ops being as disappointing as it was despite how successful the sales were and still are, some are saying the build up to the next release, Modern Warfare 3 may be outweighing what they expect from the game.

This comes from an article at GamingUnion, who are arguing that the next name in the Call Of Duty series will not live up to the hype from Activision that’s surrounding it. We have been doing our best keeping up with the hype, bringing you news of blooded dog tags that we received and the Find Makarov website that they directed us to.

GamingUnion say that because Black Ops was such a letdown, gamers should expect the same disappointment. The main point they make is if the next game from Activision does turn out to be Modern Warfare 3, then you will probably be disappointed as Modern Warfare has done just about everything that can be done.

They say without the original game developers Infinity Ward involved, Modern Warfare 3 could struggle to shine. Check out the article for yourself to find out what other points they make. Do you agree with them? Is Modern Warfare 3 going be all it is hyped to be or just another disappointment?

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  • young_varsity_32

    Mw3 should stick the base of mw2 but add a lil bit from battlefield like more people larger areas and vehical use and maybe newer guns and kill streaks in fact just more the varity in classes adds to the game I love to kill campers keep camping

  • Frosty

    I liked both Modern Warfare's. I think Infinity Ward can do no wrong with the series unless they give treyarch a hand in making it. DICE however has never made a game other than BF2 that I liked. Bad Company was ok but BC2 sucked.

    • Luke

      thats why this isnt a BC game. it is the sequel to the game you liked.

      • Austin

        MW3 is rumored to be a prequel to Modern Warfare. Not a sequel to MW2.

    • cis190

      you do know that Infinity Ward is gone and Raven is making the next call of duty game right? I dont care though becouse battlefield 3 is going to kill call of duty any ways

  • Brandon

    Lol. All these Activision groupies don't know any better. I loved modern warfare. It changed FPS for the better and have led us to where we are today … with that said modern warfare 2 was good. Black Ops was a joke, Infinity Ward is a joke. Zampella and West were the BRAINS and talent for that company and look what has been put out since their departure … awful games. Modern warfare 3, if its that, will be a joke. I am done with them, oh and not to mention fu**in 15 dollar map packs … blow me. Battlefield BC 3 … Amazing. And with a whole new engine. Now that is dedication and appreciation to the fans!! Keep wasting your money and buying terrible games … it makes them think they are doing a great job! LOL What a joke!

    • Matthew

      You do know that Black Ops is a Treyarch game right? The way you worded it makes it seem like you think Infinity Ward developed Black Ops. Modern Warfare 3 will probably be a joke but most likely far superior to Black Ops seeing as Treyarch is a mere copy of Infinity Ward's work just with better community support. Infinity Ward comes out with the fun to play yet very chaotic titles while Treyarch delivers the "I'll copy that, tweak some things, and add no significant uniqueness to the multiplayer aspect" games. True though, without Zampella and West along with the majority of Infinity Ward that left for Respawn Entertainment, MW3 will most likely be a disappointment.

  • Comedykev

    Same crap every year just different killstreaks, but people will still buy it.

    Roll on Battlefield 3, this should give them a run for their money.

    • Sikario

      Hater!!!! If infinity ward pops mw3 is going to rock on… bf bc3 just going to be the same thing. And because iw doesn't have the same dev team, doesn't mean they don't have thar awsome engine