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HTC Thunderbolt Announcement Today, Release Date 17th

The HTC Thunderbolt has been in the news a lot lately, we recently had the rumor that Apple and Verizon had done a deal to delay the handset to help with sales of the iPhone 4. But that elusive release date has not yet been revealed to the public by Verizon, all with have had so far is the CFO of Verizon saying it will be released very soon.

Now today we have news that an announcement will finally be made about the release date of the HTC Thunderbolt today. Alex over at Sentrix Nation apparently knows a Verizon Wireless insider, who has said the announcement will be made today, and HTC and Verizon have agreed in principle to a March 17 release date for the sought after handset.

We recently ran a poll asking you our readers when you thought the handset will finally see the light of day, and the majority of you thought it would be March 10. Unfortunately this now looks unlikely, but there is still time for it to be released by the 20th.

The handset has been marketed more aggressively lately with TV commercials and in Verizon Wireless stores, so it must be close before customers can finally know when they can purchase the Thunderbolt. A lot of our readers have been unhappy with the apparent delay in announcing a release date by Verizon.

Will you be glad to finally get a release date for the Thunderbolt?


  • Josh

    C'mon guys, you know they can't have two top phones come out at the same time then you can pick one up test it out and then take it back within the 14 days and get the other phone. They space out release dates to give you the big one so you can possible buy a phones you don't want.

  • Becky

    To say I'm annoyed at this point would be the understatement of the century. Shame on Verizon for flat out failing with this product launch. In the end it's customers like me / us who pay great money each month for thier network only to be $h!t on.

  • MeMo

    No, they"re not listening.

    • TLB

      Maybe it's because they are using the Iphone4 and they can't hear you now.

  • GGG

    Tell Verizon they can SUCK IT!!!! "Oh, we have to postpone so that it doesn't interfere with the iPhone!!!" "Oh, now we have to postpone again to make room for the iPad 2!!!!" (and, the iPad isn't even a phone.. how would that interfere, exactly?)

    I'm sick to DEATH of Verizon treating the Apple products like it's the Second Coming of Jesus. Or, like a rock star cutting in line, and making everyone else wait while Verizon seats them at their best table. Honestly, I don't even care anymore. I don't want the damn thing. I'm gonna pay $300 bucks after all this?? I think not. Hey, HTC, are you listening?? Because of Verizon, I'm not going to buy your product. I just don't give a $H!t anymore!

  • Buck

    Headline of this article is BS. It's a deliberate attempt to pretend like you have solid info about an official announcement, when all it is is another useless rumor. It's all about the clicks, isn't it?

    • Peter

      I agree. There is a competition between these tech-bloggers and the result is the same information twisted to sound relevant. Granted, in this case the news is relevant, but come on, you are saying in your headline that the release date IS March 17th. Well, that hasn't been announced yet, has it?

  • sam

    The Thunderbolt will be released when Steve Jobs says so.


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