Firefox 4: Download RC now before final Release Date

By Alan Ng - Mar 8, 2011

If you’re a keen supporter of Firefox compared to the likes of Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, you’ll be pleased to hear that Mozilla has just put the RC version of Firefox 4 on their website which is available to download now.

The Release Candidate is the final test version of the software, which is intended for developers to demo the new build in case any bugs are found before the next version, which generally turns out to be the full version providing any major problems are not present.

Even if you’re not a developer you can still download this software if you’re interested in getting a personal preview of what’s in store for version 4.0. Confirmed new features include a resigned Chrome-like UI, HTML 5 support and updated support of certain Javascript engines, according to ZDnet.

If you’d like to try out Firefox 4.0 RC, you can download the PC version here. For Mac users, you’ll need to visit this link. Download it now and let us know your thoughts on it. If you discover any problems whilst installing or using the new version, get it touch with us below.

You may want to check out additional information on the Firefox 4 RC on the official Mozilla Wiki page here.

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  • Mark Robinson

    I have many plugins that work with Beta 12 but don’t work with RC1. What’s up with that?


  • jamie

    its not official yet but its on Mozilla's FTP server, so its a real deal

    enjoy firefox lovers !!!

    for windows

    for MAC

    for Linux

  • AAlex

    It's an RC *candidate*, meaning it MAY become the RC if the QA guys don't find anything wrong with it.

  • Imraan Sookia

    Youtube plays sound but no video…

  • Firefox User

    thanks! I had been trying to obtain the RC1 ever since I was forced to use the nightly Minefield versions after beta12 had a printing problem that affected me. Outspoken, rawfist is correct, this is the real thing, at least the real thing meaning the real 4.0 RC1, but they could change it before it is officially released as RC1. It's 4.0, not the nightly beta13pre as the nightly's are currently labeled. I had tried to download the RC1 before from other links or finding it on firefox's site myself, but none of them would download, even when I tried ftp. I currently now have both beta13pre (Minefield) and 4.0 RC1 preversion, and other than the globe and name, I see no differences, and both work fine, including printing, but I will be using the 4.0 RC1 now.

  • Outspoken

    This is a NIGHTLY not the final Firefox RC1!

    • rawkfist324

      no i have been using the nightlys alot this month and this is definitely the real thing, in the about Firefox page it says Firefox 4.0 (no beta there)

  • karnna

    Firefox 4 RC is amazing with new look and all new features… its best 🙂

    – Daily News 4 You