EA MMA 2012: Sequel on Xbox 360, PS3 – Do you want?

By Jamie Pert - Mar 8, 2011

Fans of EA MMA may be wondering whether another game will be made, well nothing is set-in-stone, however it looks as if we may see an EA MMA 2012 release next year.

Previously EA Sports president Peter Moore suggested that Fight Night and MMA releases would alternative years, recently we have seen the release of Fight Night Champion, however last year’s EA MMA game didn’t sell as well as EA had hoped and reviews weren’t all great, therefore a sequel is by no means certain.

A recent article posted on VG247 features quotes from Fight Night Champion’s producer, he hopes that another EA MMA game will be released next year and also suggested that if it is released it will be bigger and better than the last.

When the EA MMA demo hit Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network last year we received lots of feedback suggesting that the game was a disappointed, therefore we wonder if our readers want to see another EA MMA game.

Obviously for every bad review there is a contradicting good review, GameShark scored it 91/100 suggesting that it was a serious contender to UFC Undisputed 2011, whilst Eurogamer say “Although it gets a lot right with a well-structured fighting system – which has a solid mix of subsystems to master – it doesn’t have the same level of hardcore appeal as the current champion”.

We would love to hear from you on the matter, therefore feel free to answer the poll question below and tell us what needs to improve with EA’s next MMA game if they are to release one.

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  • pierre

    make a new one please!!!! :D:D i suggest u work on the fighting system and make uss being able to change the face and appearance alot more… also it would be very cool if u could create like a team or something. please make a new one, i belive lots of poeple thought that the old one was bad and therefor did not buy it but if u refine it and make a new one with some improvements i think lots will buy it :D:D !!!!!!! please!!!!