Daylight Savings Time 2011: No iPhone 4 Problems Please

After having had an extra hour of sleep since November last year, it is almost time to hand one hour back to the gods as we approach the official start of Daylight Savings Time for 2011. Last year there were major problems for Apple and their alarm clock on iOS devices, so we’re hoping there’s no repeat of it this year.

But do not turn your clocks forward just yet, as we can tell you that the official date for DST 2011 is Sunday March 13th, and it will occur at 2am local time. So before you head to sleep that night, be sure to set your clocks forward one hour and prepare to kiss goodbye to an extra hour of sleep.

Last year we told you that users were sending in thousands of complaints after an alarm clock bug in iOS caused users to wake up late as a result of the alarm clock not configuring itself properly after trying to set itself up into the Daylight Savings Time zone. Such a simple bug caused a huge problem, and one which Apple failed to deal with right away.

Are you making special preparations for this year in case it happens again? You could always try the classic method of two alarm clocks don’t forget. Read some of the best iPhone stories from the DST 2010 blunder here.


  • imutau


    Someone posted this in another forum ( that they got from Apple Tech (PC fix):

    Here's what they had me do:

    1. Disable Wifi
    2. Stop all applications in the task manager (So I am assuming this is a PC only fix?)
    3. Go into Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings (phone resets)
    4. Go into Settings -> General -> Date & Time -> (24-Hour Time set to off) UNSET "Set Automatically"
    5. Leave it there for about 10 minutes, then turn it back on.

    Again this may or may not work. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

  • Brian in Louisiana

    I have to set my alarm for 7:00 now to wake up at 6:00. I have turned it off and back on, I have deleted and set new alarms, I changed the time then changed it back. I even sync'ed my phone thinking it would help. Still, my alarm will not go off at the time it is set, it goes off one hour early.

    • KJG

      I still have the same problem as well. I too have tried all the supposed "fixes" and none have corrected the problem. This is unbelievably ridiculous. Apple should be ashamed.

  • Elena

    One of the good features where I live is that I do not have to worry about springing forward in the spring and falling back in the fall. I guess that's the way it goes.

  • Mel

    It's Monday and my alarm didn't work right yesterday or today. I don't remember it even going off yesterday and today it went off @ 4:30am instead of 5:30am… WTH
    Yes, I'm glad I already use a 2nd alarm as a backup since I'm horrible at waking up… Anyone else having problems?

    • Gary

      I am having similar issues, is there any workaround? I tried deleting all alarms and creating new ones. The recurring alarms still have issue after recreating them.

      • Jim

        I have the exact same problem. The recurring alarms are still not working. Anyone knows how to fix it?

  • Xer0

    Same here local time is 6:50 but my phone tells me its 7:50
    Isn't taking 1 hour enough!!

  • Kevin

    Great. My iPhone is one hour late! It says it's 4AM when my comptuer says it's 3AM? and… says it's 3AM too. Another scew up? I'm actually confused and I don't know what time it really is!!! ah!! better go to bed.

  • Lawlocaust.

    Silly, silly Apple. Trix are for kids.


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