Windows Phone 7 Update: Error Code 800705B4 on Samsung Omnia 7?

By Alan Ng - Mar 7, 2011

Following on from the somewhat embarrasing problems for Microsoft and their first software update for Windows Phone 7 devices, it has been reported that users are still having issues, with Samsung once again coming off the worst.

We recently told you that Microsoft had resumed their software update rollout for devices after initially stopping it to fix widespread problems that they had discovered, but it looks like they may need to revise that decision after reports that problems are still occuring.

Fresh problems involve a new error code 800705B4, which has been showing up for a lot of Samsung Omnia 7 owners whilst trying to update. According to WinRumors, Microsoft are already aware of this problem, as there’s an official support thread which you can check out here.

It’s not exactly the best advert for Microsoft and Windows Phone 7 as a whole, as who would want to commit to a new handset and contract if software update problems are going to continue?

If you have a bricked device at the moment, you may want to have a read of our previous article here, as there is a temporary solution to the problem which may help you.

If you own a Windows Phone 7 handset, let us know how the recent software update went for you.

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    DAMN MICROSOFT , I FINALLY GET THE FEBRUARY UPDATE for things that should have been included in the first place (i.e copy and paste) and keep getting an error code .

  • Ron

    I have a problem, the company should be called MICROSUCKS, instead, i been waiting for this update for my samsung focus for as long time and i cannot do it, is giving me an error code.

  • Hol

    I have the problem. Seriously they expect users to delete all the stuff? Come on Microsoft you can do better than this. If my mobile will not upgrade sometime over the next month, I will request a refund and move to Android.

  • Duy Le

    If it fails for you, delete all the apps and music that you have on your device and it will update smoothly. It's quite painful I know but this is the only solution to this error code.

  • Adam

    Updated On friday 4th March Samsung Omnia 7 all went through nice and easy.