Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: Release Date not affected by iPad 2

By Alan Ng - Mar 7, 2011

We recently informed you that Samsung were planning on making hardware changes to their upcoming Galaxy Tab 10.1 device after feeling ‘inadequate’ compared to the iPad 2, but we’re now pleased to say the changes shouldn’t affect the release date of the device.

Samsung has confirmed the news in a report which you can read over at Korean site Yonhap News Agency. The Galaxy 10.1 is scheduled for a release in the US this month, with a European release coming in April, but there does seem to be doubts if Samsung can maintain that release period if they are going to alter the design of the device.

Samsung has already talked about how thin the iPad 2 is, so that’s one possibility, but will such a major change delay the product or not? Samsung are keen to reassure that this won’t happen, but we’re not convinced. If a March release is still slated for the 10.1 Tab, then it seems highly unlikely that they have time to make the device thinner.

If this is the case, then what exactly are they planning to change? Hopefully they reveal the details at somepoint this week – it could be make or break for future customers. Let us know your thoughts on this one.

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  • MrXavia

    I am so glad a decent lightweight android tablet is comming out,
    Android is much better than IOS in usability, here is whats better on android

    1) Decent, stable web browser with full web access, plus a choice of browsers (surprised the EU has not pulled apple up on that yet) Safari is unstable I have found.
    2) Full file system access, I hate not being able to just copy to/from the ipad
    3) Better video player, samsung galaxy s plays anything out of the box, no conversion needed so I assume tabs will.
    4) Fully customisable UI, if you dont like how it looks, change it..
    5) More open app store, means there will be a better variety of apps.

    That is just my opinion as someone who owns an IPad & an android phone.

    Now if they can get a wifi only tablet 10.1" out at sub £400 (which sounds possible based on the figured I've heard) I would be getting it

  • acromulent

    The "inadequate" quote was a mistranslation that spread around the internet like wildfire. Samsung came out and clarified that already but no one seems to have read that. The tab is better than the ipad 2 in many ways, so that statement wouldn't even make sense.

  • moon

    main selling point between the two would be the price.
    If galaxy tab 10.1 comes out in the similar range as Ipad2, then 10.1 would attract a lot of potential buyers.
    I believe the word "altering" refers to releasing versions w/o the 3g function of the device. Which they should've done long time ago.

  • Jerz29

    The Samsung Tab will be missing the HDMI port which Microsoft Xoom has. I don't think this feature is worth the extra $ but its something Samsung should have added.

    • molodec1

      ….but it definitely will be available through samsung connection plug….should be….must be……otherwise it is a big fault….

  • Anon

    I hope there is one version of this less than $500. If the android tablet folks could hit a $400 price tag for a wi-fi only model, they'll have something that could change the tablet game.

  • Marc Jacobs

    Does anyone know how tick 2mm is ? If the quality of the Samsung Tab is anything to go by, I am dying to lay my hand on the Tab 10.1. I was only not happy with the size of the original on but as we all know now, that has been sufficiently fixed !

  • The Galaxy Tab 10.1 has better specs than the iPad2 in just about every respect from surround sound stereo speakers to better cameras to higher resolution and being lighter as well. The only 'spec' the iPad has over the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is 2mm of thickness which 99% of people would not even notice. Much more notable will be watching movies and playing music and video games in mono on the one speaker iPad2…seriously, who wants to do that? The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the best spec'd Honeycomb tablet out there and we're excited to get our hands on one.

    • Neuregulin

      I think you still not getting it. iPad has never been about specs, it is the User experience. Samsung clearly see the difference! If you really want to use the spec list as a comparison, I think you just missed the most important item: OS, at current stage, iOS is way ahead of Android, that's the key, get it?

      (BTW, I can say this because I am using android phone and iPad, and iPhones previously.)
      Follow me on Twitter @neuregulin

      • molodec1

        it is all-new astonishing Android…….get it? and no jail, which every apple-man is happy to break from….. )))

      • realdeal

        "iOS is way ahead of Android"… sure it is… with its pseudo-multitasking, no Flash, and a Lag-filled delay on opening anything. real advanced! that means you might be able to view 20% of websites after waiting 2 minutes for each page to load.