New iPhone 5 storage increases, not likely after iPad 2 insights

One part of Apple’s success has to be mystery, while other brands give the consumer a heads-up on new products a few weeks before release, Apple leave the news to break via leaked rumors.

We speculated on what the iPad 2 specs could be, and now that the 2nd generation tablet has been officially confirmed, we know what the specs are. The storage on iPad 2 has not been increased, which is just what we predicted thanks to the idea that Apple will use iTunes Cloud and other services in the future. Why would Apple keep giving more storage when they are pushing Cloud based storage over the next year?

The benefits of more storage are clear, but also the benefit of cloud-based storage is still untapped. We’ve heard the complaints of storage being used up really fast by movies on the iPad and iPhone before, and “The Cloud” seems the natural way to go with mobile access improving.

Apple’s new iPhone 5 is the next device to hit the rumor mill, and with a reveal likely in June 2011 at WWDC; we have a few ideas on what to expect. The iPad 2 has hinted at a few features that should be continued on with the 5th generation iPhone, these include a white option and no storage increases.

Cloud technology will need to be improved by the release of iPhone 5, which this looks like a safe bet. So, are you happy with the storage not increasing in iPhone 5? Let us know in the comments, and feel free to vote in the poll below.

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  • guest

    im pretty sure a 64gig iphone will come out. it takes at least a couple of years before they have purchased a large enough order of bigger ssd for the second cycle of ipods iphones ect. its already been a couple of years with 32gig iphones and samsung is bringing the heat with their 32gig galaxy s2 so apple with bump it up. expansion memory would be a blessing too.

  • Alex

    Cloud is not appropriate for a mobile device like the iphone yet. In my experience , data coverage and speeds are just not reliable enough; I live and work in city and suburban environments.

    What about when I'm on a plane or on the underground?

  • Chris

    Replacing storage with "the cloud" is a non-starter while the network operators are restricting monthly data transfers to 500MB. Give me more RAM please!


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