Mortal Kombat: PS3 Demo Preview and Hidden Extras

By Alan Ng - Mar 7, 2011

We have some more details on the upcoming PS3 demo for Mortal Kombat, following on from the announcement that the demo would be releasing first on the PS3, with the Xbox 360 version due to drop afterwards according to NetherRealm Studios.

If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you’ll get the demo as early as March 8th, but everyone else will get it on March 15th. The EU PlayStation Blog has already sampled the demo, and they confirm that it’s also playable in 3D.

As we previously mentioned, there will be four characters to play as (Scorpion, Sub Zero, Mileena. Johnny Cage) and you’ll get the opportunity to compete in two stages (The Pit and The Living Forest) and you can also sample a taster of the ladder arcade mode as well.

What you didn’t know, is that completing this short ladder mode will unlock a video, which gives you a detailed preview of what’s featured in the full game, by this we’re talking about fatalities, new stages, new characters and so on.

This demo seems packed with content and it’s also going to serve as a great opportunity to master those four characters and get to grips with combos, air juggles and the new x-ray system. We’re hoping that fatalities are unlocked for the demo too – although we’ll understand if NetherRealm Studios want to keep this locked until the full game is out next month.

Are you looking forward to the demo? Let us know if you’ll be playing with PlayStation Plus or with a 3D TV set.

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  • ChopLifter

    same here brand new 3d tv and playstation plus!

  • jestrSparda

    did anyone get it today I did not see it for download today of playstation plus or normal..maybe I am not looking in the right spot?.

  • dan jones

    cant wait 🙂

    ive got a 3d tv and a playstation plus membership, its gonna be amazing 🙂

  • daddy_fat_sax

    its great that netherealm is doing this so that we don't completly suck at the game, since they said the contorols have been changed. Honestly I just wish i had ps plus so i could get it earlier.