MLB 11 The Show: Collection of Gameplay Videos

By Jamie Pert - Mar 7, 2011

We have recently discovered a whole page showing many gameplay videos of the MLB 11 The Show, the game is being released March 8 therefore the link will give potential buyers a good look at what to expect from this year’s game.

The link comes from and features different videos ranging from gameplay to trophies. Each one gives you a great insight into the look and feel of this years Major League Baseball title.

You can see the detail in the menus and the substitutions taking place while preparing yourself for the real thing in a few days time. The animations seem notably simple when the fielders are being controlled, we think that current-gen releases should deliver more in this particular aspect.

The game will utilise the Playstation Move controller which for this specific title is a good thing seeing as the action can be easily replicated indoors with the controllers,

The game includes stereoscopic 3D functionality which we see becoming more prominent in games nowadays, this make MLB 11 the first-ever 3D capable PS3 title. If you haven’t already played the demo that came out in February, we advise you to take a short while to view the videos and then make a decision whether this game is for you. Do they impress you enough to buy the game on March 8?

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