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Marvel Vs Capcom 3: New DLC Characters Screenshot Leak

You may remember a report a few weeks ago which teased at the possibility of Frank West and Dr Octopus appearing in Marvel Vs Capcom 3 as new DLC characters, but now we have some more details to show you, including a supposed leaked screenshot.

An image has appeared online, which apparently ‘confirms’ the inclusion of Frank West from Dead Rising, but also the introduction of Strider, which die hard Marvel Vs Capcom fans will know very well.

Here is the image below just so you can see it, as reported from Destructoid:

There’s a lot of talk that this image has been photoshopped, given that we don’t see any character models for these fighters, instead just a grainy shot of their life bars – it hardly does much to convince us that it’s real we have to admit.

Still though, it’s the second time we’ve heard whispers on Frank West, so perhaps they are real after all. We’ll update you if we hear from Capcom regarding this, or if further details are leaked this week.

What are your opinions on the legitimacy of this image? Do you think it’s a fake or not?



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