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iPhone 5 To Get New Metal Chassis, No More Scratches

A lot of rumors have been surrounding the anticipated iPhone 5, and with the build up getting thicker it’s only natural that a lot more will begin to surface. The latest rumor is that the next generation iPhone will get a new aluminum chassis.

This comes from MacRumors who say according to their source this metal casing will replace the present glass casing and aims to address several problems that Apple had with the latest iPhone.

To replace its current edge antennas and hopefully solve the signal problems the device has, it will feature a resin Apple logo embedded into the back that contains cellular and Wi-Fi antennas. It aims to be a lot lighter with its metal material replacing the heavier glass and will be more durable with its new casing also being scratchproof.

This news also halts the recent rumors surrounding the application filed by Apple for a patent for a scratchproof coating that would be used on electronic products, which was thought to be for the iPad 3.

More details about the metal chassis can be found at MacRumors where they also say how the new casing is more ideal for painting white than the glass casing is. What do you think about this news? Will we finally be seeing a white iPhone? Let us know your thoughts.



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