iPad 2 Review: First Look At 2011 Device

With last week’s Apple event marking the release of the iPad 2, a lot of questions that were being asked have been answered. Questions like when you can get your hands on one of the devices and how much the tablet will cost you.

We have been doing our best to cover the news about the iPads 2 for our readers and now we can bring you more information about it thanks to a hands on review from Chuong Nguyen at GottaBeMobile.

In the review Chuong uses videos, pictures and detailed descriptions of his experience that he was lucky enough to gain from being hands on with the device. He says the device is ‘slimmer, sleeker and slightly smarter’ than its predecessor but the parts are not as noteworthy as the actual experience you get.

The review is broken down into sections with facts about the software, hardware, cameras, new exclusive apps and more as well as offering Chuong’s opinions about the iPad 2.

Check out the review for yourself by clicking the link above. What do you think of the iPad 2 so far? Will you be getting one? Share your thoughts below.



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