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Corsair Chooses USB 3.0 Over Intel’s Thunderbolt Port

We reported to you recently that AMD thought USB 3.0 was better technology than Intel’s Thunderbolt. Now Corsair have decided to take a ‘wait and see’ approach with the new technology.

Gareth Halfacree over at thinq is reporting that a spokesperson for the company’s storage and memory division, has said that Corsair has no plans at present to make devices which support Thunderbolt. Intel’s Light Peak technology combines both PCI Express and DisplayPort technologies onto one high speed cable.

This is capable for transferring up to 10GB/s bi-directionally, which is about twice that of USB 3.0. Corsair have confirmed that they will be focusing on USB 3.0 for its range of external storage devices, and SATA for its internal storage devices, this is despite the speed advantages with Intel’s Thunderbolt.

They are also to continue in focusing on the high-end consumer sector, and have no plans to launch enterprise grade of storage products. Corsair is looking at the possibility of launching PCI Express based SSDs, but no final decision will be made until later in the year.

The company’s SSD range is a favorite amongst high-end system builders, and has received a boost thanks to the company’s decision to make it more clearer which models have 25nm flash NAND technology. Corsair has done this by adding ‘A’ to the low-end models, and by lowing the stated storage capacity from 120GB to 115GB on the top end models.



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