Bungie Officially Announce MMO Game is Not Planned

Yesterday we brought you news about Bungie’s next venture being a massively multiplayer game, however there is now news that this may not be the case as David Aldridge, the Network Engineer for Bungie – who had revealed the shock to an audience at GDC, now states that he was joking.

An email sent from Aldridge to’s community personell and Bungie’s Director of Marketing read “FYI. The tape will exonerate me, but I’m sorry anyway. :(” Maybe Aldridge has a unique sense of humour and no one really understood his joke.

Any claims of a MMO in future will be closely watched with scepticism, however we’re sure there will be much interest still into the next project that Bungie will work on. To us it sounds like Aldridge may have revealed something which Bungie did not want to be publicly know, however this is speculation on our part, not fact.

The story caused quite a stir as news was spread about the release of Bungie’s next title being a MMO and now claims are being withdrawn because of an apparent misunderstanding, are Bungie trying to hide something do you think?



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