Verizon-Apple agreement over HTC Thunderbolt release?

By Gary Johnson - Mar 6, 2011

We have been reporting a lot lately about the HTC Thunderbolt and when Verizon will finally get round to releasing the handset. Recently we told you that HTC were allegedly getting fed up with the delay, and started pushing Verizon to get the device on the shelves.

Today we can report that an unnamed source has hinted to us, that the delay with the HTC Thunderbolt release is down to an alleged agreement between Apple and Verizon. The allegation concerns Verizon getting the iPhone 4 which was released last month, and delaying the release of the Thunderbolt so there is more time between the two devices being released on the network.

If this rumor is true it could mean Apple and Verizon were worried they would lose sales on the iPhone 4, due to customers opting for the Thunderbolt instead. Now we do not know if there is any truth in this, and maybe never will, it sort of makes sense but would it really happen?

Verizon’s CFO Fran Shammo recently said the handset would be available very soon, but would not give an exact date for the release, but March 10 is a date which is doing the rounds at the moment.

With HTC and Verizon starting to really push the Handset with more marketing, you would have thought it would be available anytime now. What do you think? Could this rumor hold any truth?

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