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Verizon-Apple agreement over HTC Thunderbolt release?

We have been reporting a lot lately about the HTC Thunderbolt and when Verizon will finally get round to releasing the handset. Recently we told you that HTC were allegedly getting fed up with the delay, and started pushing Verizon to get the device on the shelves.

Today we can report that an unnamed source has hinted to us, that the delay with the HTC Thunderbolt release is down to an alleged agreement between Apple and Verizon. The allegation concerns Verizon getting the iPhone 4 which was released last month, and delaying the release of the Thunderbolt so there is more time between the two devices being released on the network.

If this rumor is true it could mean Apple and Verizon were worried they would lose sales on the iPhone 4, due to customers opting for the Thunderbolt instead. Now we do not know if there is any truth in this, and maybe never will, it sort of makes sense but would it really happen?

Verizon’s CFO Fran Shammo recently said the handset would be available very soon, but would not give an exact date for the release, but March 10 is a date which is doing the rounds at the moment.

With HTC and Verizon starting to really push the Handset with more marketing, you would have thought it would be available anytime now. What do you think? Could this rumor hold any truth?


  • WaltFrench

    “… an unnamed source has hinted to us …” Really, can you not find a less disingenuous way of manufacturing controversy?

    I call Bullshit on this because (1) Verizon has ALWAYS exercised entire control of every phone that is offered for sale by them, and there is no evidence whatsoever that this is different, and (2) Verizon would seem to have NOTHING to gain from turning away customers who want the Thunderbolt, a large fraction of whom would want just that one model, not anything from Motorola, RIM or Apple.

    Verizon has notably played its cards exactly as it saw fit in the Apple-Verizon relationship and there is no reason to suspect that they have signed their corporate soul over to Apple.

    This bogus rumor fails every single test of credibility that you can apply to it.

  • deacil

    Candy do a little research before you say anything more.

    In 2010, global sales of Android phones reached 67.2 million units, ahead of iPhones, which sold 46 million units, according to the research company Gartner.

    Do a search on the internet. A lot more articles about Apple looking market share.

    Also, with the 10 people in Canada that can afford a smart phone 9 have used iPhone the bought on eBay and the 1 paid full price for a decent phone and OS.

    • Canuck Suckit

      Our dollar is worth more than the US$ and we pay far less for cellphone plans.
      Everyone I know has an iPhone here in Canada and nobody has an Android.
      Most of the people I know pay about $50/mo for 1-3GB data 300-500 daytime minutes unlimited free evening and weekend and 250-500 texts with voicemail caller ID and various other normally free services like free tethering and hotspot. You can walk into any Apple store and buy an unlocked phone to use anywhere in the world. My Plan is $45/mo no contract for the iPhone 4 – 500 day minutes – 500 texts – 6GB data with free tethering & hot spot plus all normal free services that you pay extra for. Comparing to the US plans I've seen you would pay around a hundred bucks a month. All our carriers carry the iPhone and there is NO reception problem in Canada like everything else things work better in Canada. Alberta has the highest density of cellphones in North America and has had for a few decades.
      As always Americans couldn't find Canada on the map even though it's much bigger than the USA.

  • Candy Cunt

    ThunderBolt is Apple's high speed connection introduced last week. I doubt HTC will retain this name cause Apple would fry their sorry little ass if they tried.

    You can always tell how much trouble the iPone mimickers are in by the number and volume of their zealots whining. Looks like all Android is loosing huge market share on Verison the only carrier in the world where they had a decent share. In Canada where all carriers have the iPhone and all Androids the market share is nearly exclusively iPhone the Androids simply sit collecting dust in displays. Anecdotal evidence puts all Androids at around 10% combined with iPhone taking the rest. This is fine since Apple wants everyone who is looking for a real phone and doesn't want all the hacking retards you see posting for HTC and other Droid losers.

    • Kyle

      Except that you're completely wrong, as the Android has overtaken all other mobile OS's in less time, has a faster growing app market than any other, and gives all carriers far more choice to reach a broader audience. Apple's days are numbered, fanboy.

  • Granth3w

    It hasn't been delayed. No announcement has been made EVER. Since Feb. 23, there has been that pic floating around with the 10th as the projected date. While that date is still only rumored, as long as it's not announced, it still isn't technically "delayed."

  • kukuk

    Verizon has taken a bite on the forbidden fruit Apple. now it will suffer the consequences of Job's monopolistic manipulations. I knew the Thunderbolt won't release soon when they announced the ipad 2's release. Jobs wants the release of his products free from any immediaste competition. So Thunderbolt is not coming this week or this month. Maybe next month.

  • Bill

    March 10 IS NOT THE DATE!!
    Look at Verizon's website where they posted the release on March 11 of the APPLE IPAD 2. This showed up on the Verizon website Mar. 3 but still no date for the Thunderbolt. VZ is not staffed to release the TB on one day and the IPAD2 the next day. They need at least a week between the release dates, note they took 2 weeks between the Iphone and ZOOM, two weeks between the zoom and the Ipad2. Perhaps the TB will be 2 weeks later on Mar. 24th if they get their 4G system fixed (note all releases are 3G devices)
    When the subscriber numbers come out and the stockholders find out how many 4G customers VZ has lost to the other 3 carriers, their stock will dive for a few months.

    • Steve

      If you look at Verizon wireless's website today… the ipad2 is gone? WTF?? I was really upset they would delay the thunderbolt due to the ipad2 (not even the same kinda device)… damn you verizon.. damn you 😉

  • Your Mom

    iPhone sucks….I would know, I have one.

    • Ken Kenster

      100 million people (and counting) can't be wrong…..

  • verizon for life

    get a life

  • Pete Ballin

    @Frederico If you're talking AT&T, just moved down here an my GFs iPhone gets dreadful service.

  • deacil

    I can definitely see Apple going to Verizon and bullying them in delaying the launch. They see their market share dropping by the minute and any device that will take away their zomby single minded customers is a major threat. Apple is incredibly arrogant but they need to be careful because Verizon is also very arrogant and doesn't like to be told what to do. Once Verizon has taken the iPhone people from at&t, I can see Verizon saying to Apple we have had enough and then switch everyone to a Droid.

    • Ken Kenster

      >"and bullying them"
      they invested millions of dollars to produce the Verizon phone. All they want is a window to sell them.

  • jabab

    Any delay in launch against the wishes of HTC is bad enough. A delay caused by Verizon alone can be considered anti-consumer due to Verizon greed. But if Apple is involved and its clearly to boost their profits over HTC's it is a monopolistic act. This should be investigated as part of a much larger complaint about how relationships and agreements in these device manufacturer/ carrier partnerships are monopolies

  • Federico

    Liar is as liar does.

    With regards to 4g speed, I dare anyone in NYC to meet me with a 4g phone and do an internet test against our 3GS and our iphone 4. You choose 5 spots, we choose 5 spots.

    • fredrici

      Your a moron

      • Ken Kenster

        you're a moron…grow up.

    • Leo

      You have got to be kidding me. Quit riding Apple's nuts dude. I had an iphone for a year, it's not all that. The thunderbolt on LTE will blow it away. And I believe this artivcle, they have delay the launch of other phones to sell the iphone. Seems VERY fitting.

      • Ken Kenster

        "will blow it away" why do geeks treat phones like high performance automobiles???.

        • Zack

          Dude why dont you SHUT UP! and go get a life . if you dont like what these people are saying about the phones then dont read and comment about it.


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