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New era, iPhone 5 to release with less enticing Verizon plans

Verizon has only had the iPhone 4 for just under a month, but is already planning on changing the way it charges for data. By the time any new iPhone 5 becomes available in the summer a new tiered pricing plan will be available, and no more unlimited data plans will be offered for the device.

Greg Bensinger over at Bloomberg is reporting that analysts predict that Verizon could sell two million iPhone 4’s this quarter. The company has already said they might limit download speeds for customers among the top five percent for data consumption, especially in the busiest areas.

Verizon are looking to take advantage of more customers switching to smartphones like the iPhone, as they will use more data. Fran Shammo from Verizon, has already said that customers will get a taste of tiered pricing when they finally get round to releasing the HTC Thunderbolt.

AT&T themselves stooped offering unlimited data plans back in June except for existing customers under contract. Users can get 200Mb for $15 per month, or 2G for $25. Sixty percent of the iPhone’s Verizon have sold so far were online, but no exact figure for the total sold has yet been given.

Towards the end of this month the carrier will start selling the iPhone in smaller retailers and other storefronts. Currently the device is available in Apple and Verizon stores, in bigger retailers such as Best Buy, and of course online.

How do you feel about the new pricing plans that Verizon are planning? Do you think that owning an iPhone or any other smartphone will be too costly per month?



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