Fuel Cell Autos, Is 2015 Too Late?

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 6, 2011

It isn’t the first time we’ve heard about gas prices increasing, but the recent events in countries that supply our oil and fuel are starting to worry leaders around the world. Is it time we really started to crack the whip on alternative fuels?

The technology is there for us to rely less on oil, it has been for a while although the investment has not been what it should, western countries may have felt that oil is not going anywhere soon, but thanks to recent events, the focus is back on other possibilities like a fuel cell for autos.

We heard last year about a fuel cell in 2015 by Toyota, which would be priced around $50,000. This was even after a 90 percent cut in the cost of building these cars, but with oil prices rising, this is looking better all the time. You can read more on Toyota’s plans in this older article here. Autos on Yahoo also took a look at the magic 2015 date for fuel cell vehicles, which explains a little about the plans by not only Toyota, but also Ford and Daimler. The wait will still be a long one, but are we really waiting for a miracle?

Today some news sites are asking what if gas cost $10 a gallon? The thought is a crazy one, but also could become reality very soon. How would this price for gas change your life?

The start of 2011 has shown that the wait may decrease with more investment, and in an article this week by finchannel.com, they look at the F-CELL World Drive that has been demonstrated to show us how the auto future could look like, which points to how important this fuel cell tech will be. Have a read and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Do you like the idea of a fuel cell car? How high do you think gas prices will go in 2011? You may want to read about how Hydrogen fuel for cars work and it’s problems in this post.

Fuel Cell Autos, Is 2015 Too Late?

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  • Conno

    Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, GM, Mercedes…2015 is the date when H2 FC vehicles will be massed produced. Hey you guys over the pond, wake up gas is $10 a gallon already in the UK…you won't be far behind.

    Also check out what is happening at UK Stanstead Airport tomorrow [8th March 2011] The future will be demonstrated with H2 infrastructure company ITM Power launching it's mobile Green H2 refueling station HFuel. Green H2 as long as the electricity used for the electrolysis is from an intermittent renewable source of course, which ITM's products have been specifically designed to utilise. There's also a smaller range of H2 generators available for sale from April. HBox – HFlame – HPac – and the HCore. In addition they plan a Home H2 vehicle refueler in the near future called the HFill. This technology is in the HERE AND NOW…. not some distant point in the future.

    Forget hunting for more oil and prolonging a very much 20th century technology…time to move to a 21st century alternative. http://www.itm-power.com

  • n_v

    wait a minute, how come no one is mentioning Honda's FCX-Clarity?? it is a fuel-cell car that is being leased NOW in Southern CA market where they have fueling stations and qualified dealers. Yes, it's expensive, but I'm sure with support and expansion of fueling stations, it can be made available to a much larger market at a lower cost. And it is already available!

  • linda

    we should start drilling again here and stop buying oil from foreign contries, the government won't let that happen they get to much tax money from it and have you heard Obama mention anything on it? no they don't give a xxx about the average american

  • Gimme Fuel Cells

    I say let's get going already with Fuel Cell technology, but $90k for a FC car? Really!? Gas might as well be $10/gal because most of America can't afford either of them.

  • djs

    hydrogen we need to develope hydrogen zero emissions no reliance on fossil fuels