Dungeon Defenders: First Wave Coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3

By Tina Chubb - Mar 6, 2011

If you enjoy playing action-RPG/tower defense games and you own an iOS or Android device, the chances are you’ve downloaded and played the Dungeon Defenders: First Wave app. If that is the case, then you might like to know that it’s also coming to the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

However, there appears to be a rather interesting twist to the upcoming game. According to Anthony Gallegos over at uk.ps3.ign.com, the Dungeon Defenders: First Wave game will apparently enable mobile, PC and PlayStation 3 gamers to all play the title together.

Although it looks as though the game will only be playable cross-platform for mobile and PC gamers shortly after it’s released, with the PlayStation 3 being included at a later date. This of course means that you could jump into a game on the PC, and be joined by a friend who’s playing on their mobile.

The only way in which the gameplay will differ between the mobile and console versions, is the fact that games with smartphone users will have fewer but stronger enemies. If you don’t like that part, you can always set the game parameters so you don’t have to play with mobile gamers.

There’s also another feature that the developer Trendy Entertainment hopes to introduce to the Dungeon Defenders: First Wave game, and that’s the ability to level your character on different platforms. The one downside is that Xbox 360 owners won’t be receiving either feature.

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  • Sven

    the game is coming out in "The Late Q1 of 2011", meaning its coming out in the late first quarter of 2011. They didn't say exactly when its coming out.

  • simon

    Ahhhhhhh i want it!!!!

  • topa

    yeah when will it be released ?? on pc i wanna know !

  • Jack

    But when is it out!!!!!