Rhino Toys: Rattles recall in 2011, possible choking

It has recently been revealed that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Health Canada and Rhino Toys Inc has announced a voluntary recall of OBall Links & Mini Rattles.

According to roughly 28,000 products have been recalled due to a potential choking hazard, apparently the had “C-links” on both ends of the product can break off, which poses an obvious risk to children.

No related injuries have been reported, however Rhino Toys has had one report of a broken C-Link, therefore it looks like Rhino are looking to nip the problem in the bud to reduce the chance of any casualties,

OBall Links & Mini Rattles were originally manufactured in China and sold at toys stores nationwide between April 2010 and December 2010 for roughly $8, it is thought that a large amount of sales took place at Toys R Us stores.

If you own the recalled product you should immediately stop using it and contact Rhino Toys for a full refund, you can contact them toll-free between 9am and 3pm Monday – Friday on (888) 250-9969, according to the official website you will receive $9.00 in total including postage, you can see a large image showing the recalled product here.



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