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Make Your Own Pasta With iOS Apps

There appears to be an iOS application available for everything these days, whether it is to help you find the most popular baby names, help teach your young children how to tell the time, help you find employment, or even tell you how to make your own pasta!!

In fact, there are a number of iOS apps available that tell you how to make your own pasta. One app in particular is ExpertVideo: Pasta, which provides users with over 20 different pasta recipes and videos such as “Making Excellent Pasta at Home” and “The Easiest Pasta Recipe Ever.”

The ExpertVideo: Pasta app even has the feature of an optional live user chat. As noted on the website, the ExpertVideo: Pasta app is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, but does require the device to be running iOS 2.2.1 or above.

Another great application is the La Pasta HD app, which not only provides you with a list of pasta recipes but also gives you a list of wines that you can combine with each dish. La Pasta HD contains over 150 pages with over 60 of the best Italian pasta recipes to choose from.

An interesting article over at explains how to build your own pasta machine using an old paper shredder. We’ve also embedded a video below this post, demonstrating how to make your own pasta. Have you got any recipes or tips you’d like to share?


  • The mac app store feels like a slippery slope into more iOS features making their way into OSX (as Jobs himself stated). iOS is fine for portable devices, but for a computer, it's a terrible choice.

    Prepare yourself because that's the future of OS X.


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