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HTC Thunderbolt In Store, Release Date Being Finalized

A few days ago we had the CFO of Verizon talking about the HTC Thunderbolt being available “very shortly”, but didn’t give us an exact date. Then we have seen the device advertized on TV and in store, but mystery still surrounded any release date for the device. But today we have some exciting news about a possible release date.

A report by Chris Burns over at Android Community is reporting that a Verizon contact of SentNation, has said the HTC Thunderbolt is almost certain to finally arrive on March 10th. Evidently HTC are pushing Verizon to release then or face possible consequences.

Tensions are said to be running very high between HTC and Verizon over the release of the handset. Because of this it could mean the handset finally getting released, which will please a lot of customers desperate to get their hands on the device.

It is a strange situation surrounding the HTC Thunderbolt, what can be the reason for the delay? If HTC want the handset available to customers, is it Verizon themselves holding up the release? Surely it is in the best interests of both companies to get the device out there, and satisfy all the people itching to have the device since they first laid eyes on it.

Will you be hoping the Thunderbolt arrives on March 10?


  • Robin

    My upgrade is march 16th. If TB isn't released by then I am gone too…. sorry Verizon…. enough is enough…. tired of beig jerked around by Best Buy and Verizon on this deal of a no deal of a PHONE!

  • Catch22

    How is the TB supposed to measure up to the iPhone 4G ?

  • eric

    I was told buy best buy if you pre prder the htc thunderbolt it will be $249.99 but if you purchase it on release day its going to run you $299.99 so a lot better to pre order

    • Dude

      LMAO!! Of course it will be $50 cheaper…….. WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR $50 DEPOSIT IS GOING?? Lol

      • eric

        its $249.99 if you pre order but its a $50 deposit so when you go get the phone you only pay the $200 plus tax thats what I was told.

      • Robin

        LOL true…. LOL

  • sam

    I heard somewhere that Verizon made an agreement with Apple not to release any devices such as the Thunderbolt for 30 days for fears of losing iPhone sales.If true, this makes sense as the iPhone was released on Feb.10.Just food for thought.

  • Veronica

    I feel the same way. I have a BB Tour and it is a piece of crap lol. So I really hope that this phone comes out soon.

  • Rachel

    I'm hearing there annoouncing the release date Tuesday the 8th….Let's keep our fingers crossed

  • david

    I just talked to someone on the verizon chat and they said "a 4g phone will be online in a few days." I wish I could have taken a pic. of the screen but I couldn't.

  • maureen finelli

    Everywhere I read about TB phone, I read rumors and no truth yet. I hope the 10th is the date. Verizon has till the end of month or I am going with a new carrier or new phone. I am trying to be patient but my phone is dying…..

    • Van

      I am exactly in the same spot. If they do not release, in the next 5 days, I am gone too.

  • kman

    come on, do it monday!!!!!!!!!!!


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