White iPhone 4: Good Enough for Apple, but not Consumers

By Alan Ng - Mar 4, 2011

As most of you will be aware, Apple announced a white model of their brand spanking new iPad 2, but failed to give an update on the status of the elusive White iPhone 4. We previously told you that Apple are likely to hold off until the iPhone 5 now, but we’ve since learned that Apple are still in possession of white iPhone 4 handsets.

Remember how we told you that certain celebrities such as Stephen Fry already has a White iPhone 4 device, along with Apple’s Co-Founder Steve Wozniak who obtained the white parts himself from China?

Well, we have further evidence now that the White iPhone 4 is far from a myth, as it has been reported that Apple’s iPhone designer Jony Ive was seen with a white iPhone 4 handset at the iPad 2 event a few days ago. Life isn’t fair in these instances is it folks?

It means that even though Apple has the handsets in their possession, they are still holding back from releasing them to the public much to our frustration. A lot of you may have given up on the White iPhone 4 to care about this, but we still thought we’d bring it to your attention.

Drop us a comment if you’re willing to join us in a midnight raid at Apple’s headquarters.

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  • imthebest

    no one saidu cant have white y donkey

  • ange

    I care…..white is the new black & is this yrs fashion accessorie & if im paying hard earned cash for an iphone 4 i would like to choose the colour i want it in!! if it,s available in white then why cant i have it in white?? x

  • Fthewhite

    Whatever it's white big deal. No one cares.