VIA Eden X2: Most power-efficient dual-core processor in the World

If you’re interested in computer hardware advancements at all you’re going to love the news that was announced at a couple of days ago. VIA, one of the leading developers of power efficient processors are claiming their new Eden X2 processor is the most power efficient dual-core processor in the world.

The company plan on debuting the fanless processor at the Embedded World 2011 event in Nuremberg. These Eden X2 processors bring together dual-core technology and VIA’s signature fanless Eden designs. Designs like these offer 7 years component guarantee and will not compromise features or performance.

While no official performance numbers have surfaced yet, Engadget say we should see similarities to the original Eden, which produced 500MHz off a single watt of power. The Eden X2 will run with Linux and Windows CE OSs in a 21mm x 21mm packet housing two 64-bit cores.

For more information about the Eden X2 check out the link above where you’ll also find a full Press Release. You can also check out the official VIA site which says when the processors are to hit the market.

What do you think of the Eden X2 processor? Which do you prefer to use? Let us know below.



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