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Tropico 4: New PC Release Date and GDC 2011 Trailer

We have some important information for Tropico fans, as the upcoming Tropico 4 game has been delayed. Rather than releasing in April or May, the game is now likely to release sometime in August. On the plus side, we do have a new trailer to show you straight from GDC 2011.

While some of you may consider this a major set back, we’re sure you’d prefer to see a game which is fully ready without bugs rather than a rushed release in April or May.

Tropico 4 is going to include some new features from Tropico 4, and they include 10 new maps, the ability to elect ministers to help you decide on various laws within the game, and there is also Twitter and Facebook integration this time around too, letting you post messages within the game, straight to your accounts.

To lighten the mood, Haemimont Games and publishers Kalypso Media have just shown off a brand new teaser trailer to get you pumped up for the upcoming release. Graphics are looking pretty tasty you’d agree – just check out the trailer below.

Who is going to be picking up Tropico 4 on launch, any die hard El Presidente fans in the house?



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