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New iPad 1 Buyers: Did you get your $100 / £100 Refund?

You may not realise this, but Apple has actually cut the price of the iPad 1 in the UK at least, by as much as £100 due to the arrival of the iPad 2 which arrives in stores on March 11. The question is though, what happens to those of you who recently paid full price for one?

The good news, is that Apple has apparently been quoted as saying that they’ll refund all customers £100 if they bought an iPad within the last two weeks, according to ElectricPig.

This move is due to Apple’s recent £100 price cut for the iPad 1 in the UK, so if you purchased an iPad between February 16th and March 2nd – this applies to you. We haven’t had any confirmations of the refund or a $100 price cut in the US yet, but it will be pretty outrageous to think this is a UK deal only. So if you bought an iPad in the US in the last fortnight, it’s well worth heading down to where you purchased it to try and get the extra credit.

If you have already had confirmation from Apple or your retailer about the refund, get in touch with us below so others can follow suit. We’ll update you if we hear from Apple ourselves regarding this.



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