NCAA March Madness 2011 via Sharp’s new 3D LCD TV’s

By Jamie Pert - Mar 4, 2011

With March Madness quickly approaching you may be thinking about where you will be watching all of the action, well it seems as if Sharp want you to watch it at home in front of one of their new 3D LCD TVs.

Sharp’s latest and greatest 3D TVs are all part of the AQUOS Quattron LE835 series, these feature Quad Pixel Technology, which is said to be industry changing as it adds yellow to the more traditional RGB colors which most other television use, this technology is said to allow Quattron TVs to display more than a trillion colors.

Other impressive features and specs include its 240Hz AquaMotion display, Spacious 3D sound, Vyper Dive game mode, Netflix, CinemaNow and Vudu streaming capabilities, WiFi, Ethernet and impressive 8,000,000:1 contrast ratio, one other neat touch is its unique 3D-2D mode conversion button.

At the moment we know of four models which are part of this series, these are the 60-inch LC-60LE835U, the 52-inch LC-52LE835U, the 46-inch LC-46LE835U and the 40-inch LC-40LE835U, you can find out more about each model by clicking on its model number.

Currently Amazon want $2,799.99 for the 60-inch model here, $2,099.99 for the 52-inch model here and $1,599.99 for the 40-inch model here, they do not seem to have the 46-inch model listed.

Will you buy a Sharp Quattron LE835 series 3D TV?

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  • George

    Is March Madness even being offered in 3D?