NASA Glory Satellite’s Glorious Journey Comes to an End, 3 Minutes Later

By Chris Cook - Mar 4, 2011

NASA didn’t exactly get morning Glory today when they launched their Glory satellite only for the rocket casing to malfunction a few minutes later.

According to the space experts NASA the Taurus XL rocket shell did not separate as it was supposed to so it is likely that instead of space, the Glory will inevitably be heading for the bottom of the ocean in the opposite direction.

A briefing was made soon after detailing the events but NASA says a full investigation is needed to figure out exactly what went wrong. The exact whereabouts of where the satellite itself is now is also unknown at this moment in time.

In a report from Slashgear you can read what NASA’s project mission states, where they also explain the satellite was intended for. What are your thoughts on this mission failure? What are your thoughts on space launches in general? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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  • Yiannis

    Shit Happens ! Even at NASA !.. And The universal Murphy's law makes no exceptions.

  • Walter

    it's normal situation for experiments. For second time will be all OK