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Motorola’s WiFi Xoom Better than iPad 2 for Value?

You may be getting excited about the imminent arrival of the iPad 2, but you may want to consider picking up the Motorola Xoom as we’ve just discovered that a potential price cut for the WiFi Xoom makes things much more appetizing indeed.

An image has been obtained by the guys over at Droid-Life and it shows a $539 price for the WiFi edition of the Motorola Xoom via Sams Club. Yes, the same WiFi Xoom which was supposedly locked at $599. That means that it’s only slightly more expensive than the recently announced $499 WiFi iPad 2, and you could argue that the Xoom has much more desirable features than the iPad 2 as well.

Will this listing by Sam’s Club spark a price war amongst retailers for the WiFi Xoom? If so, it can only mean good things for potential buyers. If the price does remain at $539, then it makes the WiFi Xoom pretty attractive from where we are standing, but don’t forget you won’t get that free 4G LTE upgrade from Verizon if you buy this model.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you thinking about reconsidering picking up the iPad 2? We wouldn’t blame you with a price cut like this.



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