Motorola’s WiFi Xoom Better than iPad 2 for Value?

By Alan Ng - Mar 4, 2011

You may be getting excited about the imminent arrival of the iPad 2, but you may want to consider picking up the Motorola Xoom as we’ve just discovered that a potential price cut for the WiFi Xoom makes things much more appetizing indeed.

An image has been obtained by the guys over at Droid-Life and it shows a $539 price for the WiFi edition of the Motorola Xoom via Sams Club. Yes, the same WiFi Xoom which was supposedly locked at $599. That means that it’s only slightly more expensive than the recently announced $499 WiFi iPad 2, and you could argue that the Xoom has much more desirable features than the iPad 2 as well.

Will this listing by Sam’s Club spark a price war amongst retailers for the WiFi Xoom? If so, it can only mean good things for potential buyers. If the price does remain at $539, then it makes the WiFi Xoom pretty attractive from where we are standing, but don’t forget you won’t get that free 4G LTE upgrade from Verizon if you buy this model.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you thinking about reconsidering picking up the iPad 2? We wouldn’t blame you with a price cut like this.

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  • mariex3

    @the dude , thats not true but apple is superior and android isnt. Its the brand and the ipad 2 is far better in $$ too. So thankyou APPLE.

  • The dude

    I thank god everyday fit the release of a decent android tablet…….. Apple is out for one thing…. Your money. All media has to be iTunes specific to play….. Not to mention no playlist support for videos, no flash support, google ap market is one million times better, …….I really can't believe that there are as many wannabe apple fans in this world… followers are like sheep and they don't even realize it. So sad. Thankyou android

  • jjgilbs

    uhhh "The Xoom released before Flash and 4G" – the iPad2 is 3G and will never, ever, ever support flash…

  • cosmo54

    not trying to be dumb or flip, but if I get wifi version what do I do when I'm not in a wifi area? stuck with no connection?

    • duh

      you tether it with your android phone 😉

  • Andy

    xoom any day…. cant wait for that wifi version!

  • jonas

    xoom graphics are behind ipad 2 which is almost certainly using an imagination dual core gpu. I don't think xoom has a technical lead anymore (maybe I/O lead) . Looking forward to the benchmarks . Xoom had to launched before ipad 2 and before it was ready (no flash, 4G). It smacks of second place mentality and its price should be lower than ipad 2 if it wants to really compete.

    • Saurabh

      uhh… the graphics on the xoom are better than the ipad 2 and it can be argued that although the processors run the same config, the tegra is proven to be superior especially when it comes to graphics and power management. yes the ipad 2 is slimmer thats one really big plus, but then again, if there is a wifi only version of the xoom for 500 odd buck, then the availability of micro sd expansion coupled with the 1 ghz ram just makes the Xoom a far superior value for money.

      • William R. Cousert

        The Xoom also has far better cameras making it a better choice for augmented reality apps.

  • Nick

    iPad 2 to rule them all! Thanks, but you can keep the xoom for yourself, am geting the lovely iPad 2 😉