iPad 2 makes Samsung feel ‘inadequate’ about its 10.1 inch… Galaxy Tab

By Chris Cook - Mar 4, 2011

After the launch of the iPad 2 we can now see that it is an amazing device so it’s not surprising that a lot of the other tablet manufacturers are beginning to feel the pressure of having to compete against and already successful Apple brand.

One of these manufacturers is Samsung who are now looking to improve their device so as to feel less ‘inadequate’ about their 10.1” Galaxy Tab despite being bigger. Although the company’s Exec Lee Don-Joo did not specify which parts needed improving he did mention the iPad 2 is very thin.

From this we can possibly speculate that they intend on making their tablet thinner and even lighter. The Exec also said they may have to rethink the initial price of their device so as to make up for the inadequacies. After all no one wants to spend more on an inferior piece of equipment.

No price changes have been mentioned in specifics as of yet but you can bet it will have to be a lot cheaper if they are to divert consumers away from the Apple iPad 2.

Read Android Community’s article to find out more details about the possible new changes. What do you think Samsung will or need to improve in order to compete with the iPad 2?

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  • Maks

    No one can compete with Apple. I am so sorry, but think about Apple's design, tradition, operating systems and other good software. Apple is a separate world and it is getting bigger every day. There is no way for me to buy anything else than Apple iPad 2 because I live in Apple ecosystem.

    I have iMac, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Airport express, Airport extreme and Apple TV and if you ever heard of an AirPlay, you know there will be no Samsung or Motorola in my house :).

    It is not that I like their logo it is just that all of this devices work with zero problem since I bought them.