Geneva Motor Show 2011: The Nominees for World Car of the Year are…

With the Geneva Motor Show still ongoing the nominees have been have already been announced, for the World Car of the Year. They have been narrowed down to just three vehicles with one in particular somewhat of a surprise.

Last year’s winner, the reliable VW Polo will have to make way this year for either the BMW 5 series, the Audi A8 or the shock nominee Nissan Leaf. Although people did not expect the Leaf to make the top three, all the finalists are certainly worthy.

Some cars that didn’t quite make the final three are being commended with honorable mentions as they made it to the top ten shortlist for World Car of the Year. The full shortlist which includes the BMW X3 and Audi A1 can be seen at The Tech Herald.

The winner of this prestigious prize is to be announced at New York’s International Auto Show which kicks off April 21st, where awards for World Green Car and World Performance car of the Year will also be presented.

What do you think of these three finalists? Is there a car that you think should have made the top three instead? Which do you think will win? Share your thoughts below.



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