Elfoid the Human Shaped Cell Phone, Mimics Gestures

For those of you who are fed up with seeing the same old news about the same old smartphones and tablets, you might find this news somewhat refreshing. Meet Elfoid, the human shaped cell phone.

One of the creepiest things ever made it has to be said, this miniature person was developed at Osaka University. With a little bit of help from NTT DoCoMo this device was created with a similar design to the Telenoid. If you’re not familiar with this robotic answering machine check out the link to who also report this news say the Elfoid does pretty much the same thing as the Telenoid too, in the sense that you have a human shaped figure to interact with. This is different as it’s a mobile device though and can fit in your pocket.

When it rings it tickles you, when you answer u talk into its belly and the device will move and make gestures as if you were actually talking to a person.

Check out the link above for more details about the Elfoid. What do you think of this cell phone? Would you get one? Let us know.



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